Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies for Success in 2024

If you are an auto shop owner looking to grow in 2024, this is for you! Please watch the video or read the comprehensive guide to auto shop growth in 2024

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    Looking for the Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies in 2024?

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    We got a group of 47 auto shop business owners together to talk about the top 5 automotive marketing strategies in 2024.  You can watch the video or check out the strategies below.

    For this type of workshop,  we covered the high level details of these auto shop marketing strategies.

    We hit the wave tops on the strategies that we've seen that work.  I recommend you try to take some notes. 

    I'm trying to give you the strategies that I've seen work for our business and for businesses that we've helped. If I haven't done it myself or seen it work, then I don't tell you.

    I'm not going to recommend anything that I have not personally seen work over time.

    With that said let's go ahead and kick it off.

    In order to increase your car count you have to actually get people to call you or request a quote.

    There are people who come right in and do that.  But for the most part you have to do the steps to get to that point.  That's what we're going to talk about today.

    Using these strategies that we've seen, autoshops will typically  get a lot of phone calls, a lot of leads and quote request. These strategies will work for different types of shops.

    Click below to watch the full video:

    Who is this for?


    If your automotive shop is one of these types of shops:

    • Auto Repair Shops
    • Auto body Repair Shops
    • Collision Repair Shops
    • Detailers (car, truck, SUV, boat, RV)
    • Paintless Dent Repair Shops (PDR)., including hail.  If you do hail repair where hail storms pop up across the country. Then you go and help and do automotive hail repair. This will work.  We have people that use this as well.
    • Custom Automotive Shops.  If you do upgrades for wheels, vehicles, or other similar items.  Customs. We've also seen things like outdoor, adventure type stuff, off road trailers. I got an example for that here for you later.

    If you're just starting out or if you've been in business for years, either one of these can help.

    The only real requirement is that you want to grow.

    Most businesses will say of course everyone wants to grow. But the fact is, and you might be here as well. You might know that growth requires some challenges and changes. And it can be difficult. 

    What will you learn?

    What are you going to learn?

    Today we're going to talk about the the keys for auto shop growth. There's a lot of keys. These are the top 5 keys in my expert opinion. That is based on about 5 years helping various auto shops across the country.

    These are the strategies that can help you to increase your car count in 2024.

    We're going to go through these steps. You're going to learn actionable things that you can do for your business today.  At the very end, if you want help, then I'll tell you how to get that from me.

    So what I call this is the five keys for auto shop growth.

    We're going to go through these. And the idea is that you get more calls, more quotes and more customers.

    Most auto shops want to go straight to appointments and just get customers to pay us money.

    In order to implement these these, you have to WANT to grow.

    Sometimes it's hard.

    Who is this NOT for?

    Who is it not for?

    It's NOT really for car sales or dealers. The strategies we're talking about can help those types of businesses. Especially if you have the auto body auto repair detailing. All that stuff in your area, but for sales, it's not exactly the strategies that we would do.

    And we actually don't help those businesses. There are some sales pieces that can help as far as the off road stuff and some of the other adventure stuff. 

    Who am I and why should you really care?
    The only really real reason why you should care is because of the experience we'd have with auto repair and these strategies actually working.

    The other stuff, yes, we're certified and that's great. But what matters to you is that we've been helping auto shops with their marketing and lead generation.  These strategies actually work. 

    We're talking about the top 5 automotive marketing strategies in 2024.

    The first automotive marketing strategy we're going to go through fast.

    The next 4 are the main keys to help your autoshop increase your car count and those will be later.


    Auto Shop Online Presence

    Auto shop marketing and growth strategy number one is your online presence.

    What exactly is your online presence?

    It starts with your website, Google Business (Google Places) and Facebook business page.

    Yes, there's a lot of other aspects out there like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and lots of other sites.

    auto shop online presence

    This is what you need to have in order to get growth online

    You can have your business. You may be in business for years.

    Traditional guys out there are just out there with a sign and they get business like that.

    But we're talking about the top automotive marketing strategies for 2024 that will help your auto shop grow.

    Auto Shop Website

    Your website is the 1st impression that a customer gets when they come to look for you.

    If they already know you, they don't need that impression. They already know. But. If they don't know you, we're talking about people who are cold audiences coming to look for you.

    They're going to look at your website.  If someone walks up to your shop and it looks bad.  Or if you're mobile, you show up, you want to have a good appearance.

    Your automotive website is your first impression. 

    Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies in 2024 - key 1 - auto shop website

    Here are a few quick tips to improve your automotive website.

    • Verify name, address, phone number
    • Ask the question: does the website make me want to do business with them?
    • Show people exactly what you do & how you help
    • Make it easy to contact you
    • Call to action button in top right corner & every page
    • Automated form/appointment with follow ups
    • Needs to work on mobile

    I'm not here to tell you how to create a website that's a little bit different but quick tips to improve your website. 

    This goes for anything across your online presence.

    You want the same business name, address and phone number.  This might sound funny, but some people actually don't have their phone number listed.

    When you want to go back and look at your website, make sure people can see your phone number all the time.

    Ask this question that I just asked you guys.

    Does your auto motive website make you want to do business with you?

    Does your automotive website make you say, "Oh yeah, I want to call this guy."

    It's hard to do when it's your own, but you have to take that perspective and say, man, does this really represent me?

    Then does it show people what you do and how you help?

    Make it easy to contact you.  Have a call to action button. 

    How do I get in touch? I get an appointment. There's actually a phone number up here. There's a phone number I can call and in the real website, it tells you where he's at. So all those answers, all those things get answered right away. 

    Then you want the automated appointments. If you guys do appointments. Then it needs to work on mobile.

    We could talk like all day about website stuff, but we're not going to go into it too much.


    Google Business Profile for Auto Shops

    Google Business has been called several different things.  Google My Business. Google Places and currently Google Business Profile.

    This is all the same thing. It is how people find you on Google Maps.

    Hopefully all you guys have this.

    It's free.

    This is how people if they pull up Google Maps.  You're looking for detailer or auto body shops near me or whatever. This is how it comes up.

    If you're in a populated area like this example is Dallas. It's going to be a little harder, but it's not impossible to get ranked.

    Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies in 2024 - key 1 - auto shop google business

    And I'm going to show you that here in a second. But if you look at this example, okay, auto body PDR, who actually stands out real quick. Obviously the guy with the four with the 26 reviews, but there's not a lot of difference, it's only 26. And if you guys have been in business for a year, then you probably have hundreds of people you've helped, even if you've helped your family.

    But if you've been in business many years, like honestly, some of these guys have been in business for 10, 20 years, but with no reviews, the key is to get to ask and to follow up, to get reviews. And that's 1 of the major ways to improve on Google business. So how do you improve on Google business?

    Again, there's a whole classes on Google stuff, but I want to give you the real tips. And these, I guarantee will help you if you do this right. Verify your name, address, and phone number. Make sure it's the same on your Facebook, your Google, your website. It's got to be the same everywhere. That means that it tells Google that you are the actual same business.

    And it helps you get promoted complete every section that's on there and use the keywords in that section. So on Google Business, it allows you to have like about us services, products, a lot of stuff, fill out everything you can. Okay, these all seem very obvious, but a lot of shops I've seen do not do this.

    Add a current picture of the shop, your services and clients. If you don't have them then go out there and take a picture of it If you're mobile just take a picture of you or someone doing the work that represents your business So if it's a detailer take a picture of you like polishing a car, I mean Make it look cool.

    But if you have a phone you have a professional camera right there add videos and add reviews always request reviews you can get your link by going in your google business profile in the settings You can click that button. It says a request review link send that to customers. You'll get reviews.  I've seen guys get 40 reviews within a few days And it seriously helps.

    So that's Google Business profile. 

    Facebook Business for Auto Shops

    Next piece is Facebook business.Once again, this is a free thing you can get. This is obviously old, but old example, but it's free. You need it. I'll give you the caveats here for Facebook business pages, but you want to go in here just like the Google business.

    You want to fill out every section that you can on Facebook. Business page.

    One piece that I don't mention in these tips is that make sure you guys aren't using a personal profile for your business page.

    What I mean by that is you do want your Facebook profile, but you also want to create a new page.

    If you're using like a fake profile, that's not good. And that's not going to work. So you got to have that once again, verify all the information, complete all the sections, add the pictures. Here's one thing that can really help you. A lot of guys will take videos of their work, post it on Instagram, Facebook, but they'll just post the video with no titles.

    In Facebook, if you go and you have to do this on desktop, I believe, I don't think you can do it on mobile. You have to add a title. And descriptions, you can have tags. What does that do? It tells it actually makes your video be able to be found on search. So let's use, for example, I think we've got some detailers in here.

    So let's say you do detailing in like Baltimore, Maryland. So put, put Jim's detailing, Baltimore, Maryland detailing a BMW. That's a description that will pop up in a search. Now your video will pop up in a search. It takes a little bit of time, but Make sure you add two factor authentication on your security settings.

    Otherwise, your account will get hacked. You probably, if you have a Facebook page, you've probably seen a lot of these stupid spam messages. So be careful not to open that. One more thing. Facebook page posts. Only get seen by about 5 percent of their followers. So if you have 100 followers, 5 people see it your page is mainly meant for to show your show businesses that you're out there, show people that you're out there and also to do ads.

    That was a lot about Facebook, but so that's your basic online presence. We're going to move into the core piece of this presentation and then it's.

    And to set you up for growth. So how do auto shops get customers? If you want to answer and answer in there, you can. But how do auto shops get customers and most shops that aren't advertising would say it's by word of mouth or referrals. Obviously, these are both things that you want, but it's not a strategy for growth.

    So we can't rely on referrals and. And word of mouth to get us to the next level. And so the next question would be, why do most was, why do most small businesses fail? And I hate to say it, but they fail it because most people don't know about you. If people knew about you, most businesses honestly have good services or good products that people want.

    Especially if you're on this call, they people want your service. They want your product but they don't know about you. So they need how do they need? How are they going to find out about you? I'm going to tell you here in a 2nd and I've seen this actual excuse over the last few months, people who are who have stopped their business saying, oh, it's the market or inflation or the economy.

    If you're in a tiny community with, that's not very big, then that might be true. But for most people, it's just not true. People are spending money and they spend money, especially on cars. So the truth is they failed to advertise. They didn't tell people how to get their service.

    What are most auto shops missing?

    What most auto shops are missing.


    Most auto shops do have a website, Google business, Facebook, that can be improved.

    The problem is that most auto shops are missing the growth strategies on the right. They've missing Google ads, Facebook ads and tracking and follow up.  This right here is the core piece of your growth.

    I'm going to tell you how to do each one of these or what to do on each one of these here in a second. Okay. So let's talk about ad platforms. There's a lot of platforms out there, but these are the primary ones we're talking about Facebook. Instagram is Facebook ads manager. Okay. It's the same platform.

    Facebook ads goes across a ton of different places. Google ads is primarily search. It's also YouTube actually. But this is how people find you when they search for your shop. So if you got detailing or whatever, that's how people find you YouTube. You guys know what YouTube is, but YouTube ads is basically videos that pop up when people are wasting time on their watching, watching YouTube videos, you can do it for local area and you can do it for keywords.

    So keywords will work. As well, I know this may be very technical for a lot of people, but I just wanted to share this with you. So you have a little bit of background understanding. Tick tock ads. Yes. Tick tock is a massively growing platform. It's great for you to put your videos. A lot of you guys are doing the videos vertical posting them Instagram.

    These are great to go on TikTok and to get found. But as far as ads go, it's so new that it's not one that we recommend right away. So which ad platform works best for auto shops? Let's go into that. So these top three are the ones that I recommend for auto shops. And I'm going to show you why here in a second.

    But not just these three. The main piece is Facebook and Google ads. Okay. Yes, YouTube is good. But if you're just starting out or have a limited budget, which is most auto shops, then you want to focus on these two until you're ready for growth. So what is the key to Legion? What we're talking about when we're talking about these ads, we're talking about lead gen lead generation.

    That means people who are going to call you or give you their name, email, phone number and stuff about their car. So you need to have an automated system to get appointments. Obviously, we all just want appointments and people to pay us, but you have to call people back. 1 of the major issues is that and you may have seen this with just personally.

    Hey, I'm trying to call and get somebody fix my do my fence or whatever. But no one calls me back. So you got to put yourself in their shoes and with auto related items, people will go to the next person if you don't call them back. So call them back as soon as possible. Ideally within a few minutes, it's hard to do that.

    But but as soon as possible, regardless, and you have to sell your service. So this is a key that people don't think about. Why do I need to sell my service? We're not talking about like a big sales pitch for selling a car. All we're talking about is just. Is a basic script that says hey why do you need your car fixed?

    Or why do you want detailing or whatever? It helps people already want it. You just have to sell your service. So this again can be a whole class on selling but You do have to promote yourself a little bit. Okay.

    So now we're on to Google ads.

    Google ads for auto shops


    Google Ads is how you get in front of your customers that are searching for your auto shop services.

    What shops should use Google ads? I'm going to give you these this list here, but I'm going to give you a little bit of a caveat.

    It can be any shops because almost every shop out there has people who are searching for your business.

    I can look right now, if you tell me your location and service and tell you in about 10 minutes, how many thousands of people if you're in this list right here, there's likely thousands of people looking per month, sometimes 50 to 100, 000, depending on your area. But that said, if you're just starting to have a limited budget, what I would say is the top 2 auto repair shops and auto body or collision shops are the main ones to use Google ads.

    Just because there's massive volume, if you get PDR and hail stuff, that's a, that's a fuzzy area. If you're in a low density area, like a low population area then you're going to go want to go with Facebook detailers and custom shops. I know we've got some detailers on here, so detailers just starting out.

    Facebook ads, I'm going to go into that here in a 2nd.

    How Google ads helps auto shops

    We want phone calls and we want people requesting our our service.

    So you want to get new customers who are searching online for your auto shop. If you guys aren't in that top tier, then really it's Facebook, but eventually you're going to want to move into Google as well.

    Because Google Ads gets your auto shop service in front of people who are searching.

    You get leads.  This means people filling out your lead form, or people filling out from a landing page.

    Both of these are extremely effective for Google because people want your service. They're not just wasting time on Facebook, which we'll talk about here in a second.

    And phone calls. So phone calls are only going to work during business hours. You don't want people calling you at night. So that you're going to turn that off at night. But as far as these other two, you can get that anytime a day. So one question is people ask me a lot. How long does it take Google ads to work?

    So the truth is they can work the same day. They can start working right away, but they need data to start working. So data is people clicking your ad. And telling telling Facebook or telling Google that, Hey, I need, I want auto repair, I want detailing, I want whatever. And that's how Google works. The ads need to be monitored and optimized.

    So they have to be you can't just put them up there and forget about them. You have to promote them or you have to test and see what is working and go from there. So ideally, these ads will start working right away. But the truth is it's going to take some months. It's going to take several months.

    Probably for it to get going really well, and then it just keeps going and going so, but they're a key to higher intent customers. So I want to show you an example of what a Google ad looks like. You're probably familiar with this, but if you're looking up painless, this is a painless dent repair example.

    So on the over here on the screen, you can see ideally this will, when people look for a painless dent repair in your area, but substitute. Auto repair or detailing or auto body shops, stuff like that for years for this example. So this will pop up. You have these links and you have a phone number.

    All this stuff will pop up ideally if you have it set up right. So that's what's going to happen. Now when someone clicks on this ad, it should come to a landing page. So a landing page is not just your website. A landing page is a specific page that looks like your site, but there's only one option or one or two options.

    One option is, To give us your name and my phone number or to call to make a phone call. So that's what you want to ensure you do. If it's coming to your website, the problem is there's so many different options out there. And it's going to it's going to be confusing for people. So you got About Us, Gallery, all these different things.

    Those are all great for your website, but on the landing page, if you start doing that, then it's, or on the, if you start doing that as your Google ad, you're going to lose people. You really want to restrict them to these two things. So I know this is getting really technical, but I just want to share these kind of tips with you.

    Facebook Ads for Auto Shops


    The next automotive marketing & growth strategy is Facebook ads. 

    Facebook ads are how you get in front of your customers on social media who are wasting time.

    Now, I know there are people who say my, my customers on tick tock or Instagram or YouTube.

    Yes, they might be, but we know for a fact, and I could look it up in a few minutes. How many people are, will fit your profile, fit your target demographic in your area.

    And the people who are on Facebook are the people who have money.

    So Tiktok. Yes, they do have money on all those platforms, but this is one that's proven.

    What is Facebook advertising? What can it do? I don't know if you've ever seen this kind of graphic, but and you may know these things already but Facebook compared to traditional advertising, so we're using, we're talking about Facebook compared to billboards, radio, newspaper, TV, some of those absolutely have their place.

    But the problem is the major problem is tracking. It's nearly impossible. It is impossible for me to track who saw my billboard or listen to my radio or TV or newspaper ads. It's not on Facebook. And actually, this is how most of you probably saw me is on Facebook. I targeted you on Facebook and you fit the target demographic who we're looking for.

    And to show you our services. So that's how, and we can do the, you, we, or you can do the exact same thing in your area, especially local area. You can target these things and you can track people and retarget them. So we can go into this quite a bit, but I just wanted to give you that quick snapshot about that.

    The other thing is Facebook cost wise. Is significantly cheaper than these other ones you can turn ads on one day turn them off increase budget decrease budget billboards A lot of these things are long term expensive contracts. Okay. So what shop what auto shop should be using facebook ads? Part of the answer is all of them but if you're just starting out, it's really these right here, auto body detailers, PDR, hail, and customs.

    So we'd really have to go through each one of these to give you reasons why and talk about it, but I want to, let me show you here. Okay, so the next thing is, how long does it take to Facebook ads to work? This is the key. This is the real question for a lot of people, you want leads and you want sales fast.

    Facebook, if it's done correctly, you can start working the same day or within a few days. This is the honest truth. If you're doing it right. You really should be getting leads pretty fast and that's why we can test it because there's so much so many people seeing it and Facebook can test and see who's clicking, who's doing what and knows how to adjust it.

    Whereas Google, it takes time to click and adjust. These can be can be checked really fast and get leads fast. But they do need to be monitored and tested. You can't just set it up and leave it, let it go. So how can it help your auto shop? The number one thing is leads. So we want leads from a lead form or messenger would be your primary two categories.

    You can also use landing pages, but you need to test it out on the first two first, because if it's not working there, it's not going to work on the landing page. There's different theories, schools of thought, but this is what we see. You can also get phone calls and you can also do local branding, which is a major key major benefit for Facebook for your local area.

    I'll talk about that here in a second. Local branding. We're going to start with that. This is good for any shop. So for auto repair, generally speaking, I wouldn't recommend like lead generation, although we have done it. It just. You don't know, necessarily know who needs auto repair, but you can get your auto shop in front of people and with a video pictures and continuously show those at a very low cost.

    So you can, these can be a dollar a day for a video. So if you have 1 video, 30 bucks a month pretty low, right? Then you retarget those people. I'm going to show you an example here with these videos. Using Facebook, this business shows their videos to local area and massive brand awareness.

    So here's an example. You guys may know these this business. Very good business, but I blocked out the name. But here in this person shop, he shows his face. He has a longer video. But if this and this is an older example, but if he shows his face for 3 seconds, meaning people watch 3 seconds or click the video, click the link, Then there are now on my list to see the rest of these videos, and I will force them to show the video to these other people, which means now they're seeing this face all the time.

    What happens when that what happens to the brand when people see your face, they recognize you around town, especially if you're a low town. But this right here, this business is in a highly populated area. We're talking 2, 000, 000 people, but. When he goes around town people recognize him and they saw his video So this can really help you out, especially if you're in a smaller area.

    You can just have low cost videos going To get branding can also get sales and i've seen it help sales as well but facebook leads is really what we focus on and this is best for detailers paintless, dent repair, PDR hail repair, which would also be PDR or auto body custom stuff can really help and just auto body.

    So we're going to use lead forms. You want to use lead forms or messenger. Either 1 of those can work if you set it up correctly because it's super fast and messenger. Facebook is now pushing people towards that because it keeps them on their platform. The same with the lead form. So we're getting this all on on Facebook.

    The cap, the downside is it's super easy to get. Sometimes the lead quality isn't as great, but it will happen fast. So I know that's a lot of information very fast. How much do leads cost on Facebook to get like this type of thing? They can cost as low as three, four or five bucks per lead. But my recommendation would be $10 to 20 a day as a budget.

    Then you can go from there. We've got people spending hundreds a day and then you can retarget videos. To get leads as well. I know we're going super, super fast here. But I want to touch these things and just explain the best strategies for you guys. Here's some examples just to show you what I'm talking about.

    This is a lead ad for auto body and PDR. They didn't, weren't spending a lot. This is a smaller area. 23 a month. Here's another auto body and this is in a month. So not too much, but it, but if you realize that auto body leads can result in $3-4000 plus in a job, then it's pretty good. For detailers, here's detailers and this is actually very low cost.

    I wouldn't say this is common anymore, but it can be. Again, I would expect the lead cost in the 10 to 20 per lead range, but ideally you're getting 2, 3, 400 per job or much higher for ceramic coating type stuff. Here's some more again, if you're doing any kind of detailing, we're talking. Auto, truck, SUV boat, RV, even airplane any of these things can work very well.

    Here's one, I mentioned the custom stuff and you know you see these banners, you don't, these things can work, but it doesn't necessarily have to be like that. This is for I think we'll believe it's wheel coatings. So quite a lot of leads in a, with a low cost. So this can work that here's another leather seat upgrades.

    So these upgrades are thousands of dollars, but it's all a super low cost per lead. So again, leads you want leads to turn into customers. Not all leads will buy, but. You need a population of leads. You need a funnel of a quantity of leads in order to get customers. Here's the trailer. When I mentioned, this is the sales piece.

    But this isn't really like car sales because these, what these, you can put them on a credit card. It's not too much money, but you can, it's highly targeted. So you can target people who are interested in this outdoor type stuff. And there may not be many people on this call who do that type of thing, but I did want to show that here's one auto repair example.

    Yes, it does work, but. This business wanted to do stuff for oil changes. I don't I wouldn't recommend it just because it can cost a lot per lead and then oil changes. You're not making a lot you're getting it on those residual values. Okay.

    So that is the top 3 strategies and now the next.

    Those are to get leads your 1st 3 strategies.

    The next 2 are to turn leads into customers.

    This the next piece is automated follow up.

    Automated follow ups for Auto Shops


    Automated follow ups help to turn those leads into customers.

    Ideally, when someone fills out your form, here's an example of a Facebook form. If someone, if you create this on Facebook, it does not automatically respond to them or automatically do anything.

    It just fills it out and goes into the Facebook world. You have to have a system that automatically replies to this, automatically sends you the data and goes from there. So if you don't, it's going to be very difficult. Or to work at all. So that's Facebook ads landing pages as well. If you're doing Google ads or even Facebook with the landing page, do you need this when people are giving you their information?

    And at this point, this is a little bit older, but you can have more complex. Inputs, so you want that to be automated? You want to have an automated response to this and how do you do that? Here's something that we do. We have we use and, when someone fills out either of these forms. You can send them a text.

    Hey, you can ask them a question or you can just send them a link to your scheduling and then send a text to your sales team. That might just be you. It might be a few other people about that lead. Cause otherwise it's going to be hard to know what anyone did with that. Automatically send them an email as well.

    So email yourself, if you want, you don't have to do that, but. Whatever works for your team, have a system to notify you about these leads and email the lead. So some people read email, some people don't, but you need to send the email just in case it's it's the standard of professional business is sending the email.

    So you get an automatic automated follow ups and we use these for Google ads, Facebook ads, and any other ads that require that involved getting leads, you would want to use this, but for the ones we recommend, obviously, and you want it to automatically respond on text, email. And you can actually send voicemail.

    So this is a little bit more advanced, but and then automatically request reviews at the end after your job this is going to be key for your Google business to be growing. All right, the next key is customer tracking. So you got all those, you got the first three keys that are getting your leads.

    You got the follow up. Now you need customer tracking.

    Customer Tracking for Auto Shops


    We have a software that does this, but you can use any software that will work for you.

    The good thing is on this one, you have a dashboard and ideally whatever system you're using should be a little bit more than paper and pencil and or Excel spreadsheet.

    Ideally you have some kind of software, some kind of system that shows where these leads are in your funnel.

    Then ideally in that system, you can also message and email leads. 

    It's seamless to go straight from the lead input workflow to your job is done.

    Customer tracking.  You want to track leads and customers.

    Why do you want to do this?

    If you're not tracking it, then you're not really focused on it.

    If you know that you have this many leads per month, but maybe you don't even know what happened to them.

    Then it's a waste of time and money on the advertising.

    So this is a whole series of steps that you need to implement.

    You want to set appointments, automatically respond to text and email, request reviews, and send out email offers.

    Also, you can send out your monthly offer or more often, Hey, get my detailing deal or get my auto body coupon or something like that.


    From my standpoint, these are the top 5 automotive marketing strategies in 2024.  These strategies will help you increase your car count and are keys for your auto shop growth in 2024.

    Here is what you need to do: 

    Go back and look at how this applies to your business in each one of those steps.

    Your online presence. 

    • Check your website
    • Your Facebook Page
    • Your Google Business.
    • Do you even have those?
    • If you do have them, then there's probably some optimizations, some pieces you can do to improve that.

    Google Ads for Auto Shops:

    • See which one of those does it fall into for your business.
    • Should you use Google ads?

    Facebook Ads for Auto Shops

    • Should you use Facebook ads
    • Or both? A lot of people do both. Once you get to a certain step, you're going to want to use both.

    Automated Follow Ups

    • Do you have the follow up set up?

    Customer Tracking

    • Do you have customer tracking?


    Next steps

    • Implement these on your own
    • Get expert auto shop marketing support


    The next steps would be you can implement these on your own. And that certainly takes time and an opportunity cost to learn it. 

    So if you do want to see how we could possibly help you the best thing to do is schedule a call because we really need to see where your business is at, what your goals are to see which one of those steps need to be worked on or improved and where to go from there, learn about your business and provide options for you.

    If you want to schedule a call, just click below or give us a call:

    Or give me a call and we can schedule that or just talk on the phone right there. The second option is you can also see our course. We got a course that kind of goes into each one of these steps separately, and it helps you set up some of these systems. We didn't talk about all the places you need to set up for your online presence, just your basic stuff. But this course goes through that with you as well.

    The biggest thing is 2024 is coming up here in a few weeks. We didn't talk about goal methodology and goal setting, but clearly this is one of the keys that you need to reach your objectives. 

    So wherever you're at in your business you need to think about how many cars you want per month, how many customers you want per week, per month, and then map it out. 

    What's it going to take to get to that level?

    Then how did these strategies flow into that to achieve those goals?

    It's essential to know what your goal is and how to get there.

    So I think we're going to go ahead and end it on that note.  I hope you guys found that valuable and if you do have questions, please schedule a call and we can talk about your business and what you need to get to the next level

    Take care guys.

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