How Auto Shops Use Facebook Ads in 2023

How Can Auto Shops Use Facebook Ads in 2023?

In this video, I'm going to be talking to you today a little bit about how auto shops can use Facebook ads in 2023. So what works today may not have worked in the past or may not work in the future. But these are specifically things that I've seen work using my own business and clients that we've been helping.

I'm going to show share with you some things here today, and let's get started. So first off let me just do a quick comparison of these social media ad platforms and what works best and go over this for you. You guys may understand this, you may not, but Facebook and Instagram ads both use the exact same ad platform.


Facebook Ads Manager. And so they control that as well as some other places out there, Facebook, Instagram ads, same platform, you can run ads at the same time. What are we're talking about? Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Who is this really for?

Guys, people don't search for your service or product on facebook or instagram. They waste time there. The good thing is, we know that people are spending a ton of time on facebook or instagram and some people may say my audience isn't on there. They're on tiktok or some other channel. We know they're on there.

We can actually target specific audiences. We can target specific age
demographics male, female, even income levels and specific location. Those are all key. We can do those in other platforms too. But the fact that we can target those mean, and we know there's an audience we can see, right? How many people are in that area, even down to a one mile radius we really know that they're there and you can test it very fast and quick.

This is for people who are sitting there wasting time half the day on Facebook or Instagram, and you can get right in front of those people . Google ads is for search. If people are searching for your product or service for auto related, thisĀ  is very relevant because most people are, in fact searching for auto repair, auto body shops.

This, that would be a different video talking about Google ads, but for the most part, most auto repair services would absolutely be recommended to use Google search. YouTube ads is another great one. This is for video. Most people know about YouTube and they spend hours and hours watching YouTube.

Sometimes people are watching YouTube and looking at Facebook, Instagram at the same time. YouTube ads are a great low cost way to get in front of people and in front of people in your local area. It's probably not the first place I would go if you're just starting out.

Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok is another social media platform. If you're not familiar with it, you should be. It's all video related . TikTok is rapidly rising as a strong social media platform. As far as an ad platform goes there could be, benefits to it. At this point, I'm talking about Facebook. Those are the different choices. Now let's talk about what service you should use.

When we're talking about who should use Facebook ads, it's really a question of
one, your budget, your location, a lot of things, your service. And your abilities . Now, generally speaking, everyone should probably be using Facebook because it's low cost and a lot of people are on it.

But if you have a limited budget and you really want to get leads here is my professional recommendation based on history with a lot of clients and ad spend and results. What auto shop service should be using Facebook ads. It can be anyone, but if you're just starting out or you really want to focus in on your marketing these are the places I'd start with.


Autobody and collision again, I probably wouldn't start here if you're limited here, I'd probably go with Google Ads for search, but autobody can absolutely get leads off Facebook. The next one would be detailers. We're talking about car detailers boat rv. Even aviation detailers can get a lot of leads on Facebook, Instagram and we'll talk about this more later, but if I was just starting as a detailer, I'd probably go Facebook, Instagram ads to start with just because it's, people love their cars and they want to get them fixed and they want them to look great.

It pretty much can work with any, almost any area, but you got to try it out and
see. Paintless Dent Repair, so you should be familiar with this if you're watching it. But hey, we're talking about fixing your dents without using paint, without changing components. You'd think that Auto Body and Paintless Dent Repair, people aren't searching for it on Facebook.

And how would people actually be seeing? Facebook knows what people just search for, so they can actually put that in front of them. And we've seen good results with PDR in a number of different locations. Even small locations or big locations on Facebook. If I was to start doing PDR are in a bigger location, it would probably be Google ads. If you have a small location PDR, you can actually dominate on Facebook as well. The next would be hail repair. Now we're talking hail repair primarily using paintless dent repair, but it could be auto body as well.

In this case Facebook is very, good because we can target down to a small
location, small demographic down to one mile radius. We can find out those hail locations and target literally neighborhoods. You can get a very small, audience, target those people and get leads.

The next will be custom shops we're talking custom auto related parts, or auto components. Anything auto related where people want to spend more money and, make it look better or perform better. On Facebook we can target people who like auto related items. It might seem a little strange, but yeah, you can get in front of those people and Facebook knows if you like that stuff. That's who should use Facebook ads. If I'm just getting started, it's probably these people right here. You'll notice I don't mention auto repair here. What I've seen with auto repair is there's so much search volume on Google that generally speaking, if you're set up right, if you set your Google ads are up right, You can really get good results using Google Ads to get calls and quote requests.

That would be a different video. I don't have a video for that today, but we
actually do that as well.

How can Facebook ads help your auto shop? A lot of guys might not
understand how Facebook works. I'm going to mention that here in a few minutes, but These are really the things you can get. Most people want leads. So you want people who are calling you or filling out your form on your website or Facebook to give you their name, email, phone number so that you can start interacting with them and get a customer or a client.


So this is how Facebook can help you. The number one way would probably be leads using different formats. We're talking lead form. instant forms onĀ  Facebook where it pops open and Facebook's asking for your name email phone number, and you can actually customize that to do some other questions as well. And pretty much all those things that I showed you earlier can be integrated into a lead form. Likewise using Messenger. So you'll notice a lot of people like to send messages. Instead of giving you their information, they'll send it on Messenger.

It's almost the same thing. We can get the same exact info on Messenger as
well. But some people they're, more comfortable giving you their information on Messenger, I don't know, for whatever reason, it makes them think that you're a friend or whatever. Messenger is a good place. The important thing is to test these two out and see which one works better. But if you're just starting out, Leadforms or Messenger are where I'd start. Landing page is the next page. Landing page is like sending someone to your website. I wouldn't recommend sending them to your website.

It should be a landing page, which is specifically designed to capture leads. That could be a whole entire lesson. I wouldn't not start there. I would start here. Why? Because you can test and see if your ad is actually working. So here using this stuff, it's simple and fast. If your ad works and if your targeting works and all that stuff, you're going to get leads right away . If it's not working, then you'll know. Landing page on the other hand you may not know if it's your ad or if it's your website or what it is. You got to start somewhere else and get that down first. Sure, you can start with the landing page, but nowadays we have a lot quicker data. In 2023, here's where I'd go with these lead forms messenger. The key is keeping it on Facebook so that they actually reward you for. keeping them on their platform. The more time people are staying there, the more money they make.

You can get phone calls on Facebook ads as well. It's a little bit harder. It's limited time, but it does happen. It can happen. Local branding. So local branding would be you're not trying to get leads, but you can get them. With local branding you can run a video or image for as low as a dollar a day Some would say what's the point of that and how much traffic or how many leads will you get? You don't know. The thing is You can start testing an ad for a dollar and just see how it works just to get your name out there. If your service is very local, five ten mile radius then You can get people in that area to see your face, your brand your business, and call you, and I've seen it work very, well. If you have an extremely low budget, or you just want to get your name out there, here's what I'd start with local branding. You can do different campaigns like traffic video views, which are actually ending here soon, and some other options out there as well.

In my other videos in auto shops marketing secrets. I talked about the five keys for auto shops to get more calls more quotes more clients and people said customers or car count. One of the keys is Facebook ads specifically and some of these things that we've been able to do is generate hundreds of phone calls or quote requests.

numbers are Based on a few specific businesses, but it matches up to these that I've mentioned, auto body, PDR customs and detailer. So I'm not going to go over the five steps, but one of them is Facebook ads specifically.

In order to do Facebook ads, you need a Facebook business page. Most people have a Facebook personal profile. Your business needs an actual business page. I've seen people set up personal profiles for their business, and that's wrong on two reasons. One, it's not a person that personal profile can get shut down. And two is you can't run ads through it. Yes, you can get friends, but you're not gonna be able to run ads to it, the reason you run ads is because Facebook does not naturally show your page your, posts to many people. They only show your post about three to 5 percent of your followers. So if you have 100 followers, 3 people see it a thousand, about 30 people.

But then that's
about it. Maybe they don't see it or comment on it or like it With ads, you can push that to the people who actually want to interact with your business. Just wanna mention that to you. And in my auto shop, marketing Secrets, I also mentioned what a lot of shops are missing.

Most shops have this, and this is what I mentioned the, kind of the online profile website. You need a website. Google my business and Facebook. These two are free website will cost you to set up If you're just getting started and you're a detailer or PDR Or even pot potentially one of the others you can get away with the Google and Facebook and run ads When you start running ads to your website like Google, you really need Google ads.

You really need a website You shouldn't go very long without one because it is so much searching for your business Online, they're not really going to find much if you don't have a website. If you have these, you're probably getting a good stream of leads.

So Google ads, Facebook ads and a follow up process. , I'm not going to go too
much into Google ads today, but Facebook ads is what we're talking about. And that is the keys to your auto shop growth. I show this chart here real quick to just give you a little insight into Facebook comparison against your traditional ads.

So you got billboards, radio, TV and newspaper, and I think most of you understand this, but there are some people, some more traditional business owners that don't understand this as much. The biggest thing with, these on this side is that it's very difficult or impossible to track who actually saw your ad.

If a billboard owner is telling you, Hey, you got this many thousands of
impressions, but you're counting people who are going by the highway at 80 miles an hour as an impression. But what does it actually mean? You don't know. Certainly it's a great way if you're a fast food place or if you have a shop right in the corner, it can be helpful. It's not to say that these shouldn't be used, but if you have a limited budget that you want to target certain things this is going to be a lot more effective as far as targeting people who are interested and retargeting. So the other thing is, if someone sees your billboard, you can't then show them another billboard. If someone sees your Facebook ad, you can then show them your other Facebook ad.

You can basically create this loop where people are constantly seeing your face over and over again for very low cost. Facebook ads, I can put a dollar a day , turn it off.

Billboards is probably going to cost me thousands of dollars for a contract per month. Same thing with radio, newspaper, all that stuff. Again, there is a place for these. But for most small business owners, especially who we're talking about your, limited budget, you really want to concentrate that budget on things that are going to help you right away. Let me go into some specifics about Facebook ads here for you and show the actual ad platform.

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