How to Setup Google Ads for Auto Shops

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    Want to learn how to setup Google Ads for auto shops?

    Google Ads Demo Start

    Let's go into the live demo. All right. So I'm going to bring up Google ads. Actually, we're up in ads. google. com and I realized this might get a little technical for people but I'm going to walk you through this. And this is going to be a quick walkthrough because obviously this can take a while.

    Who is this workshop for?

    If your automotive shop is one of these types of shops:

    • Auto Repair Shops
    • Auto body Repair Shops
    • Collision Repair Shops
    • Detailers (car, truck, SUV, boat, RV)
    • Paintless Dent Repair Shops (PDR)., including hail.  If you do hail repair where hail storms pop up across the country. Then you go and help and do automotive hail repair. This will work.  We have people that use this as well.
    • Custom Automotive Shops.  If you do upgrades for wheels, vehicles, or other similar items.  Customs. We've also seen things like outdoor, adventure type stuff, off road trailers. I got an example for that here for you later.

    If you're just starting out or if you've been in business for years, either one of these can help.

    The only real requirement is that you want to grow.

    Most businesses will say of course everyone wants to grow. But the fact is, and you might be here as well. You might know that growth requires some challenges and changes. And it can be difficult. 

    The real requirement is that you just want to grow. You want more customers.

    People might think why, of course, we want more customers, more business.
    Yes, most businesses do, but then the ones who have been around realize that. If you get more business, there's going to be issues as far as how do you fulfill?

    How do you answer all the customers clients needs? You may need more employees. Those are pieces I do get that people come to me saying I can't take more customers.

    Who am I?

    You may have seen me before seeing me around and we may have actually had a call.

    My background is 21 years in the Navy retired. I actually flew this cool helicopter and did deployments around the world.

    Since then I've been helping different businesses across the country to get more calls, more quote requests, and more customers.
    And primarily auto related businesses. We do help others as well.

    Auto Shop Online Presence (Website, Google Business, Facebook Business)

    Auto shop marketing and growth strategy number one is your online presence.

    What exactly is your online presence?

    It starts with your website, Google Business (Google Places) and Facebook business page.

    Yes, there's a lot of other aspects out there like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and lots of other sites.

    auto shop online presence

    This is what you need to have in order to get auto shop growth online

    But we're talking about the best strategies for growth using google ads for auto shops in 2024.

    In order to use Google ads for auto shops, you really need these pieces.

    You need a website, Google Business (Google Business Profile), and Facebook business.

    The Facebook business side doesn't really help you with Google ads, but it helps your online presence generally speaking. If you need any of these things, we can help you.

    Google business and Facebook are free. I've got videos and things on how to do that for free as well.

    Creating a website does cost a little bit, but you can get a lower cost one too.
    But really you need these in order to use Google ads.

    Auto Shop Website

    Your website is the 1st impression that a customer gets when they come to look for you.

    If they already know you, they don't need that impression. They already know. But. If they don't know you, we're talking about people who are cold audiences coming to look for you.

    They're going to look at your website.  If someone walks up to your shop and it looks bad.  Or if you're mobile, you show up, you want to have a good appearance.

    Your automotive website is your first impression. 

    Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies in 2024 - key 1 - auto shop website

    Here are a few quick tips to improve your automotive website.

    • Verify name, address, phone number
    • Ask the question: does the website make me want to do business with them?
    • Show people exactly what you do & how you help
    • Make it easy to contact you
    • Call to action button in top right corner & every page
    • Automated form/appointment with follow ups
    • Needs to work on mobile

    I'm not here to tell you how to create a website that's a little bit different but quick tips to improve your website. 

    This goes for anything across your online presence.

    You want the same business name, address and phone number.  This might sound funny, but some people actually don't have their phone number listed.

    When you want to go back and look at your website, make sure people can see your phone number all the time.

    Ask this question that I just asked you guys.

    Does your auto motive website make you want to do business with you?

    Does your automotive website make you say, "Oh yeah, I want to call this guy."

    It's hard to do when it's your own, but you have to take that perspective and say, man, does this really represent me?

    Then does it show people what you do and how you help?

    Make it easy to contact you.  Have a call to action button. 

    How do I get in touch? I get an appointment. There's actually a phone number up here. There's a phone number I can call and in the real website, it tells you where he's at. So all those answers, all those things get answered right away. 

    Then you want the automated appointments. If you guys do appointments. Then it needs to work on mobile.

    We could talk like all day about website stuff, but we're not going to go into it too much.

    Google Business Profile for Auto Shops

    Google Business has been called several different things.  Google My Business. Google Places and currently Google Business Profile.

    This is all the same thing. It is how people find you on Google Maps.

    Hopefully all you guys have this.

    It's free.

    This is how people if they pull up Google Maps.  You're looking for detailer or auto body shops near me or whatever. This is how it comes up.

    If you're in a populated area like this example is Dallas. It's going to be a little harder, but it's not impossible to get ranked.

    If you want your shop to show up when people search on Google Maps, you need to use Google ads for auto shops.

    Top 5 Automotive Marketing Strategies in 2024 - key 1 - auto shop google business

    Facebook Business for Auto Shops

    Next piece is Facebook business.Once again, this is a free thing you can get. This is obviously old, but old example, but it's free. You need it. I'll give you the caveats here for Facebook business pages, but you want to go in here just like the Google business.

    You want to fill out every section that you can on Facebook. Business page.

    One piece that I don't mention in these tips is that make sure you guys aren't using a personal profile for your business page.

    What I mean by that is you do want your Facebook profile, but you also want to create a new page.

    What most auto shops are missing.


    Google ads for auto shops


    Google Ads for auto shops is how you get in front of people that are searching for your auto shop services.

    What exactly are we talking about with "searching for your auto shop services?"

    Well, you can do this right now on your phone. You can do it on Google.

    When people pull up Google or a Google related platform and search for auto repair, fix my car, get rid of my dent, I need someone to clean my car.

    Any variations of those things in your specific industry. Ideally your shop comes up if it's related to that.

    Those are people searching. It's also using Google Maps. If someone is looking for "mechanic near me, where's the closest mechanic near me"? Or "where's the closest detailing shop?" Ideally, that pulls up on Google Maps. Those 2 things are how you're going to get in front of people searching.

    Who should use Google ads for auto shops?

    Should your auto shop use Google ads? There are a couple conditions and let me go into that really quick.

    I'm going to give you these this list here, but I'm going to give you a little bit of a caveat.

    It can be any shop because almost every shop out there has people who are searching for your business.

    If you're in any of these shops, yes, you should use Google ads. There's a bit of a caveat for ones that have a limited budget. If you have a low budget or you're just starting out, it's a question between Facebook and Google.

    The following automotive shops should use Google ads for their auto shop:

    • Auto Repair Shops
    • Auto body Repair Shops
    • Collision Repair Shops
    • Detailers (car, truck, SUV, boat, RV)
    • Paintless Dent Repair Shops (PDR)., including hail.  
    • Custom Automotive Shops.  If you do upgrades for wheels, vehicles, or other similar items.  Customs. We've also seen things like outdoor, adventure type stuff, off road trailers. I got an example for that here for you later.

    Auto repair, body shops, and PDR are the ones that should absolutely start with Google.

    I have this yellow line above PDR because in certain areas, if it's a smaller volume area, you may be better off starting with Facebook. This just depends on your area. The bottom two detailers and custom shops, you definitely can still do Google, but detailers and custom shops should probably start with Facebook.

    Just because there's massive volume, if you get PDR and hail stuff, that's a, that's a fuzzy area. If you're in a low density area, like a low population area then you're going to go want to go with Facebook detailers and custom shops. 

    Google ads for auto shops in 2024

    How Google ads helps auto shops

    How does Google ads for auto shops help you get more customers for your business?

    Google Ads help to get new customers for your auto shop service in front of people who are searching.

    It helps primarily with two ways:  getting phone calls and getting quote requests

    We want both phone calls, and we want people requesting our service.

    You want people to either call you directly from your ad or give you their name, email, phone number, and information about their car.

    You get leads through quote requests.  This means people filling out your lead form, or people filling out the form on your google ads landing page.

    You also get phone calls. Phone calls are only going to work during business hours. You don't want people calling you at night. So you're going to turn that off at night.

    Both of these are extremely effective for Google because people want your service.

    And I'm going to show you that here in a second. It's not just going to your website. If they don't give you their information, it's worthless.

    We want actual leads from calls or quote requests. That's what Google ads can do for you.

    How fast can Google ads help auto shops?

    The other question people ask me this is: how long does it take for Google ads to work?

    If it's dialed in correctly to start with, and if you have an existing account, it can work quickly. It can work in the first few weeks or first month.

    But I will say that Google takes a little bit of time and data.

    The data that it needs is when people click on your ad, when people search for auto repair mechanic near me.

    If they pull up your ad and give you a call or fill out the form then Google knows that, okay, this is the right person to send you.

    If it's not working, if you don't have things set up correctly, then Google doesn't know, and then it's hard for them to fix that.

    It's a great system. But they need some data for it to work and you need to make sure you're optimizing things that people are searching for car parts and your shop comes up while that may not work out too well.

    You have to correct that in the ad. Ideally the first month it does start working, but after several months, it's just going to get better and better.

    Example of how Google ads help auto shops (mechanic, PDR)

    Here's an example of what Google ads for auto shops looks like.

    I'm going to give you two examples.

    FIrst is a PDR example, paintless dent repair.

    Yu could picture kind of auto body as well. You think of any example here, I'm going to give you a mechanic near me as well, but here's what ideally something comes up and you had these links to your website. But if you have this big piece on the Google ad, it really helps.

    But as you can see, you have the phone number and you had this other piece on the ad. If someone's doing this from their phone. During the normal day, then someone should click on the the call button. Ideally, they pick up the phone and call you or click right here. We don't want this to show up at night unless you have a call service.
    It's pointless unless you're 24 7. But, normal hours. We want the call button after hours. We want them to click this button.

    I'm going to show you what happens here. You should go to the landing page.

    Let me show you a mechanic example as well.  This shows mechanic near me. This wording may sound a little strange, nut there's actually a huge volume of people who look for mechanic near me. When the wording comes up exactly like the search, it actually makes sense to people.

    Oh, there's a mechanic near me. It's fast free estimates Here's the actual name of the business, but all this stuff actually helps you to get them to click.

    What happens when you click on a Google ad for auto shops?

    What happens when you click on a Google ad for an auto shop?

    Ideally, it goes to a landing page.

    When someone clicks on your ad, they should come to a landing page, not your website.

    Your website should be good. But if they come to your website, and it has, 10, 15, 20 different options, people get confused and they don't do it.

    Here they come to a landing page. Obviously, this is just a top example, but this will be a little bit longer. But it's a something repair shop, auto body repair shop, painless dent repair shop, something like that.

    Get a fast repair quote or get a fast detailing quote or whatever. And then here's a way for them to get the quote.

    Now, we have more advanced forms than this at this point, but give me your name, my phone number, click next, give me your pictures, what kind of car do you have, et cetera, and submit it. That's what we want.

    That's how we're going to get the lead off a landing page.

    If people just go to your website, a lot of times they won't necessarily take action.

    That is why you need a landing page.

    Landing pages are one of the top things that will help.

    Not using them is also one of the major errors that I see businesses make when setting up their own Google ads for auto shops.

    Facebook Ads for Auto Shops


    The next automotive marketing & growth strategy is Facebook ads. 

    Facebook ads are how you get in front of your customers on social media who are wasting time.

    We don't talk about Facebook Ads in this video, but it is definitely recommended.  Go check out out the full 2024 Growth workshop for a description.


    Automated follow ups for Auto Shops


    Automated follow ups help to turn those leads into customers.

    They really are a critical piece when you are setting up Google ads for your auto shops.

    The next piece is what happens when someone fills out the form on the landing page. You want them to get a follow up.

    The last thing you want is you just start getting leads and then realize, "oh, I need to respond to this guy."

    We're going to respond automatically. Yes, you need to call them and respond. But we want automated follow ups. You shouldn't have to call them at at 10 or 12 at night. We do an automated follow up. We'll send them a text and an email.

    What you need to do is you need to send them a text telling them whatever it is you want them to do. If it's, Hey, give us your make and model or click here and schedule or give us a call back. A lot of times we, you want to call them, but sometimes just tell them to call you.

    And then you want a notification to your team. You want a notification to your sales team or whoever is going to call these people back or just let you know that these people are contacting you. That way you're keeping track of it. You also want to send an email.

    Now, I realize email, most people don't read it, but some people do, and it actually gets in their system in case they're looking out.

    They're like, Hey, what's that? I forget the name of that company that I requested to quote from. This will send the emails to the lead, tell them what to do.

    If you want to send an email to your team, it's good as well. You can do that. We actually do that. Or for customers, the automated follow up pieces.

    Automated follow ups are used for Google ads. You want to make sure you're using this for Google ads, for your website, and if you're doing Facebook ads. You need to do it for that as well, have the automated follow ups for text, email, voicemails, appointment reminders, and then request reviews.

    Whenever someone completes a service, then they should get an automated text and email to say, Hey, will you review us?

    Customer Tracking for Auto Shops


    Now that you've got all these leads coming in, you need a way to track them.

    I realize that shops have different kinds of estimating software and that's good. You should be using that. Sometimes that software isn't tracking people very well.

    Whether you use this or not, we have a system like this that everyone can use.

    You should be tracking them through your pipeline until the sale is complete.

    Ideally you have a way to message and call those leads back through your system, and basically track them and see what those leads are worth.

    Customer tracking, you're going to track leads, set appointments, respond by a text and email and send out reviews and email offers.


    From my standpoint, these are the actions you need to take to grow your auto shop in 2024.  These strategies will help you increase your car count and are keys for your auto shop growth in 2024.

    Here is what you need to do: 

    Go back and look at how this applies to your business in each one of those steps.

    Your online presence. 

    • Check your website
    • Your Facebook Page
    • Your Google Business.
    • Do you even have those?
    • If you do have them, then there's probably some optimizations, some pieces you can do to improve that.

    Implement Google Ads for Auto Shops:

    • See which one of those does it fall into for your business.
    • Should you use Google ads for auto shops?

    Facebook Ads for Auto Shops

    • Should you use Facebook ads
    • Or both? A lot of people do both. Once you get to a certain step, you're going to want to use both.

    Automated Follow Ups

    • Do you have the follow up set up?

    Customer Tracking

    • Do you have customer tracking?

    Next steps to Implement Google Ads for Auto Shops

    • Implement these on your own
    • Get expert auto shop marketing support


    The next steps to start implementing Google ads for your auto shop in 2024 is to schedule a call.  You can just click below or give us a call.

    So wherever you're at in your business you need to think about how many cars you want per month, how many customers you want per week, per month, and then map it out. 

    What's it going to take to get to that level?

    Then how did these strategies flow into that to achieve those goals?

    It's essential to know what your goal is and how to get there.

    Take care guys.

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